projects and photos

  • Wood Duck

    I made a small wooden duck on the band saw for Simon’s cousin. The wood is maple and finished with mineral oil.

    Wooden Duck

  • Scroll Saw Art

    I’ve been making quite a few things with the scroll saw lately. I copied a page out of the Simon’s book Goodnight Moon and then cut it out and painted a picture of the cow jumping over the moon. I also cut and painted a tulip from the Creative Scroll Saw Segmentation book which I got from the library.

    Cow Jumping Over the Moon
    Segmented Tulip

  • Christmas Presents

    I made several Christmas Presents this year. It was fun and I think they will be enjoyed.

    Hopping Kangaroo

    I made a kangaroo for Palmer. It will hop down a ramp if the angle is just right.

    Wooden Dump Truck

    Simon wanted a dump truck and excavator from Santa. We bought him a pair of these, but I also made him a wooden excavator. This one is about 11 inches long. Simon picked out the colors without knowing it. I asked him what color a dump truck is and he told me, “blue and yellow aaaaand green”.

  • A Cow Jumping Over the Moon

    I got a scroll saw recently and made a segmented image.

    I copied a page from Simon’s book Goodnight Moon, cut out some of the major details, then painted and glued it up. It’s small, only about 5 inches tall.

    A Cow Jumping Over the Moon

  • Wooden Wheel for Dump Truck

    Our dog chewed up one of the wheels on Simon’s little dump truck that he really liked. Instead of throwing it away, I made a replacement out of wood using my hole saw and a dowel.

    The new wheel is a little thicker than the original but it still spins roundy round. He was excited and played with it immediately.