Giant Wooden Xylophone

Today I build Simon a new toy, a giant wooden xylophone. I read an instructables and thought I would make something similar with some scrap 2x4s.

giant wooden xylophone
Giant Wooden Xylophone

I started with a 10 inch piece and got up to 28 inches before running out of wood. There is a 2 inch difference between each board.

Laying out the Boards

I drilled through the boards with a long spade bit to run the rope through and tied a small knot between each one.

Patio Bar

Amanda and I build a small bar for our patio. I made a simple design spanning two of the posts around our patio.

Completed patio bar
Completed Patio Bar

The design was mocked up in Fusion360 in order to help figure out some of the cut angles and to help decide on the right size. This helped me think it through, but it was a pain to convert from the 3d model to the cuts I would need and to figure out the right amount of wood to purchase.

Patio bar design
Fusion360 Design
Patio bar underside

The sides are pine 2×4 painted with white exterior paint and the top is cedar boards, with an exterior cedar stain and chamfered edges.

Patio bar technical drawing
Patio Bar Design

Broken Ford Fusion Door Handle

I fixed the driver’s side door handle on Amanda’s Ford Fusion the other day. I watched a youtube video and it was pretty straightforward. The replacement handle was only $11 on Amazon instead of $50+ at Autozone or even more at a dealer, and I also bought a cheap pack of auto upholstery tools. The door panel pry tool was nice and make it much easier than using just a screw driver.

YouTube Video for the door handle replacement I watched

The process was exactly like the in the video above. It was very well described.

Door Panel Removed

The new handle works well, it locks, and even opens the door.

Rex Ray Fan

Rex Ray Fan

I took apart and rewired this old Rex Ray fan I got from my grandparent’s garage. My granddad would use it when he worked on things and now I can too.

The old wiring was rotting and some of the connections were failing, but the switch and transformers were good. The internal wiring still had cloth insulation, and even showed some signs of past repair.

Ikea Skadis Hanger Clips

Skadis Hanger Clips

I like the Ikea Skadis pegboard I bought a few months back. It is nicer than traditional pegboard. There were no clips available for the metal hanger hooks to help secure them to the board, so I designed my own.

3d Printed Ikea Skadis Hanger Clip

The hooks fit loosely, so I have to be over careful when removing my pliers or angle clippers in order to make sure the hooks doesn’t come off the board.

 The clips simply click in to place, and are fairly secure, so they may be difficult to remove.

3d Printed 40mm Ikea Skadis Hanger Clip

The 40mm is the best size as it can fit over the hook wire and span two nearby holes.

The 80mm is double wide and can cross over a hole. This works well if you want to place the clip a little lower and the closer holes do not line up.

The 40mm edge clips allow for clicking in to a single hole and on the side of the board. This is good for hooks hanging in the holes closest to the edge.

You can download the stl files from Thingiverse