Year: 2013

  • RFID Interlock at DMS

    Last December I joined the Dallas Makerspace. It is an awesome place where people are welcome to work on a variety of projects. The space also owns many tools that most people would not normally have access to; some of these require training. In order to enforce this, we have been working on an RFID…

  • White Rock Lake Panorama

    White Rock Lake Panorama


  • Balmorhea Fish

    The water at Balmorhea State Park is exceptionally clear and there are tons of fish swimming. When I stood still for a few seconds I would get surrounded by hundreds of small fish.  

  • Highway 170 at Hoodoos

    Highway 170 at Hoodoos

    This was shot from just off of Highway 170 by Big Bend Ranch State Park. There is a parking lot with a couple short trails going to an overlook and then down to the Rio Grande. The site was called Hoodoos after the exposed rocks.

  • Big Bend Rainbow

    Big Bend Rainbow

    We were lucky and caught a rainbow by the highway outside of Lajitas. This scenic highway runs through the southern portion of Big Bend Ranch State Park and is close to the Rio Grande.