Giant Wooden Xylophone

Today I build Simon a new toy, a giant wooden xylophone. I read an instructables and thought I would make something similar with some scrap 2x4s.

giant wooden xylophone
Giant Wooden Xylophone

I started with a 10 inch piece and got up to 28 inches before running out of wood. There is a 2 inch difference between each board.

Laying out the Boards

I drilled through the boards with a long spade bit to run the rope through and tied a small knot between each one.

Patio Bar

Amanda and I build a small bar for our patio. I made a simple design spanning two of the posts around our patio.

Completed patio bar
Completed Patio Bar

The design was mocked up in Fusion360 in order to help figure out some of the cut angles and to help decide on the right size. This helped me think it through, but it was a pain to convert from the 3d model to the cuts I would need and to figure out the right amount of wood to purchase.

Patio bar design
Fusion360 Design
Patio bar underside

The sides are pine 2×4 painted with white exterior paint and the top is cedar boards, with an exterior cedar stain and chamfered edges.

Patio bar technical drawing
Patio Bar Design

Giraffe Pull Toy

Simon’s Giraffe Toy

I made Simon a giraffe pull toy on wheels for him to play with. The main part is all spray painted plywood. I cut it out using a jig saw and just followed a simple line drawing I made on the piece of wood.

I masked the whole thing off with masking tape and cut out some shapes to paint for the spots.

The wheels were 3d printed and press fit on to a dowel. The dowel can spin where it crosses through the legs, but it is still a little tight and doesn’t roll that great yet.

Small Kids Chair

I built Simon a small chair for him to have on the patio next to ours. He won’t sit still yet, but maybe someday.

Simon’s New Chair

I made a simple design based on the scrap wood I had from other projects.

There are two rectangles for the seat and back with pocket hole joints. I used the little oval fillers to help hide them. The sides were similar, but with some overhang to make the feet stick out.

Chair parts

I just guessed at measurements that seemed reasonable and in good proportion based on the sizes of scrap wood available. It’s about 11 in tall and 7in wide.

Seat Slats

The slats were made from the edges I had ripped off of some 2×4 when squaring them for another project. They were thick enough to hold a little kid.

I drilled holes and hammered in dowels to attach the seat and back to the sides. There wasn’t enough room for pocket holes.

Chair bottom

I sanded it all down before the assembly and then again afterwards. I finished with spray paint and clear coat.

Finished Chair

Busy Board for Simon

Busy Board

I built Simon a busy board so he can play with little connectors and doodads. He really like the door stop and the switches. I want to hook up a led to the switches at some point.

The little door on the top right was just added, but he has been playing with this for the last 3 weeks or so.

I used spray paint and spray lacquer to finish it. It’s only been a couple weeks, but the paint and the 1/2″ plywood have held up well to him crawling over it.