Tag: 3d printing

  • Ikea Skadis Hanger Clips

    I like the Ikea Skadis pegboard I bought a few months back. It is nicer than traditional pegboard. There were no clips available for the metal hanger hooks to help secure them to the board, so I designed my own. The hooks fit loosely, so I have to be over careful when removing my pliers…

  • 3d Printed Bicycle Light Mount

    I got a new baby bike seat for my bicycle which came with a new rack. The baby seat blocks the view of my taillight which I kept on the seat post, so I needed a new mount to go on the rack. I found a nice design on thingiverse which matched my Cygolite and…

  • Wooden Toy Car

    I made Simon a little wooden toy car, it’s kind of like one of the pinewood derby cars. I cut it out from scrap 2×4 and 3d printed the wheels. I tried using nails first, but I couldn’t find any with a good fit. Simon was getting too impatient at the store, so I bought…

  • 3d Printed Christmas Tree 🌲 Ornament

    I designed and printed a Christmas Tree ornament for my Christmas tree. Last year I made a snowman. You can download it on thingiverse.

  • Coat Rack with 3d Printed Hooks

    I designed and 3d printed a coat hanger to use for a coat rack. I printed out 3 of these pieces and mounted them to a board. The wood was from a Bolivian coffee tree and is pretty dark. I finished it with Tung Oil. You can download it on Thingiverse.