Patio Bar

Amanda and I build a small bar for our patio. I made a simple design spanning two of the posts around our patio.

Completed patio bar
Completed Patio Bar

The design was mocked up in Fusion360 in order to help figure out some of the cut angles and to help decide on the right size. This helped me think it through, but it was a pain to convert from the 3d model to the cuts I would need and to figure out the right amount of wood to purchase.

Patio bar design
Fusion360 Design
Patio bar underside

The sides are pine 2×4 painted with white exterior paint and the top is cedar boards, with an exterior cedar stain and chamfered edges.

Patio bar technical drawing
Patio Bar Design

Zucchini Flower in the Garden

Zucchini Flower

The garden Amanda and I built is doing well. We were able to eat some lettuce from it a few weeks ago. The zucchini is flowering and hopefully we will have some good veggies soon. The cabbage is huge, but is getting eaten up by some kind of worm or caterpillar. The tomatoes are starting to show, I hope they are tasty.

Simon Falling Over

Simon started walking just a couple weeks ago. He is getting better everyday, but sometimes falls over. The weather has been nice lately, so we have been spending more time in the yard. I was lucky enough to catch him topple on video and made a little gif.