Category: Bikes

  • 3d Printed Bicycle Light Mount

    I got a new baby bike seat for my bicycle which came with a new rack. The baby seat blocks the view of my taillight which I kept on the seat post, so I needed a new mount to go on the rack. I found a nice design on thingiverse which matched my Cygolite and…

  • Simon’s First Ride

    I took Simon for his first ride in the bicycle trailer today. We rode to the playground and he had fun. He enjoys riding on the swings and slides.

  • Plano bike trail

    The weather was nice on Sunday so I went for a bike ride down a couple of the bike paths in Plano. They are pretty nice but the street crossings are a pain. There are several unprotected crossings of major roads with no lights.

  • Bike Ride in Hot Sulpher Springs, CO

  • Google Maps Trip Distance Estimator

    Google Maps Trip Distance Estimator I recently went on a Bike Tour from May to August and biked from just outside of Dallas, TX to western Oregon near Eugene. On my trip I wanted an easier way to try and plan out a route and pick the next few towns to hit, so I made…