Processing Rectangles

Instead of Love2d and Lua, I wanted to try Processing and play around using Java to generate stuff.

It’s pretty neat and has some overlap in basic functionality, but is missing the more game-centric out of the box features, like better touch support, physics, particles, and gamepad, but it does have easier to use camera apis, access to more Java libraries and some cool audio processing capabilities.

I recreated the circle drawing routine in processing and added some code to generate rectangles too.

Spacey shooty game

I think a space shoot em up game using the touchscreen with 2+ fingers might be fun and different than most normal twin stick shooter.

I’ve worked up a super WIP game using love2d where you use one finger to move the ship, and a second to move the target around. As long as both fingers are down, your ship will shoot and constantly rotates to point at the crosshair. Check out the project on github.

After I got the bullets working, I added some basic plane graphics as placeholders for bad guys. They don’t do anything yet, but everything is using the love2d physics system for collisions and motion, so the planes can be bounced around and it’s kind of fun.

The graphics are placeholder images from, the spaceship, the planes, and the crosshair.

I couldn’t get the bullets to shoot right at first, but with physics enabled the result was funny. They came out the wrong end of the ship and didn’t move very fast but could be pushed around.

Love2d Pong Game

I forked a copy of my simple air hockey game and turned it in to a pong clone. The changes needed were pretty simple, but basically it was to the paddles from circle to rectangle and lock them to a specific X position. Then I needed to tune the bounciness of the walls and adjust the physics on the paddle to help prevent the ball from loosing momentum since you can’t hit it hard.

Github Repo