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  • Robotic Camera Mount

  • LED Coffee Table with Google Voice

    A demo video of my LED Coffee Table with Google Voice for control

  • phpGPS on Github

    phpGPS on Github

    I have uploaded one of my recent projects phpGPS to Github in case there is any interest. It is a php/MySQL based web app for managing GPS entries and generating a Google Maps map which can easily be embedded on webpages. GPS coordinates can be added to the database by any device that can send…

  • BluBQ and JAMS

    I started working on a new project which is a Bluetooth Barbecue Thermometer. I intend to create an Android app that can talk to a an ATMEGA based device with a bluetooth radio and some sort of temperature sensing. Right now, I have it hooked up using an Arduino Pro Mini, a serial Bluetooth adapter, and…

  • SynthTest3 – Midi Out from Arduino to Synthesizer

    This is a test running the Midi out example code that is included with the Arduino IDE. It can be found under File – Examples – 04. Communication – MIDI. Details on how to connect the Midi connector are here. I like the versatility of having separate components, the Midi producing Arduino, the Midi synth,…