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  • LED Coffee Table with Google Voice

    A demo video of my LED Coffee Table with Google Voice for control

  • Dallas Makerspace Openhouse

    Dallas Makerspace Openhouse

    The Dallas Makerspace had an open house on Saturday. It was really fun and I had a chance to show off a couple of my projects. I took the trash guitar I built using an old speaker cone and an axe handle, the Baxboard, the Arduino Midi Sythesizer, a homemade amp, homemade tube screamer clone […]

  • Big Bend Panorama Mounting

    I mounted a panorama I created last year at Big Bend at the Dallas Makerspace last night. I printed it on paper as 12.4″ x 36″ with 2″ borders. I then built a simple frame and wrapped the photo like it was canvas. I’ve tried a few in this way, and it looks good while being […]

  • BluBQ and JAMS

    I started working on a new project which is a Bluetooth Barbecue Thermometer. I intend to create an Android app that can talk to a an ATMEGA based device with a bluetooth radio and some sort of temperature sensing. Right now, I have it hooked up using an Arduino Pro Mini, a serial Bluetooth adapter, and […]

  • Les Lius Guitar Pedal Build

    I just finished another pedal tonight. The site calls it the Les Lius. I put the board together almost a week ago, but I finally drilled and painted it last night, and assembled it tonight. This one is a tighter fit than the others, but I managed to get everything in, even the battery. I […]