Year: 2019

  • 3d Printed Christmas Tree 🌲 Ornament

    I designed and printed a Christmas Tree ornament for my Christmas tree. Last year I made a snowman. You can download it on thingiverse.

  • Coat Rack with 3d Printed Hooks

    I designed and 3d printed a coat hanger to use for a coat rack. I printed out 3 of these pieces and mounted them to a board. The wood was from a Bolivian coffee tree and is pretty dark. I finished it with Tung Oil. You can download it on Thingiverse.

  • Plano bike trail

    The weather was nice on Sunday so I went for a bike ride down a couple of the bike paths in Plano. They are pretty nice but the street crossings are a pain. There are several unprotected crossings of major roads with no lights.

  • USB Charger Wall Mount

    I designed and 3dprinted a small wall mount for a 5 port USB charger. It screws on to the wall and includes a small hole for the power cord to fit through. You can download it from Thingiverse

  • 3d Printed Bicycle Ornament

    I found a really cool bicycle Christmas ornament on Thingiverse which I 3d printed this morning. It was an easy print, and the front wheel and handlebars even turn.