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  • Simon Falling Over

    Simon started walking just a couple weeks ago. He is getting better everyday, but sometimes falls over. The weather has been nice lately, so we have been spending more time in the yard. I was lucky enough to catch him topple on video and made a little gif.

  • 3d Printed Bicycle Light Mount

    I got a new baby bike seat for my bicycle which came with a new rack. The baby seat blocks the view of my taillight which I kept on the seat post, so I needed a new mount to go on the rack. I found a nice design on thingiverse which matched my Cygolite and…

  • Simon’s New Water Table Toy

    Simon got a new water table from his grandmother for his birthday. It was finally warm and the weather was nice enough for us to put it together and play with.

  • Giraffe Pull Toy

    I made Simon a giraffe pull toy on wheels for him to play with. The main part is all spray painted plywood. I cut it out using a jig saw and just followed a simple line drawing I made on the piece of wood. I masked the whole thing off with masking tape and cut…

  • Small Kids Chair

    I built Simon a small chair for him to have on the patio next to ours. He won’t sit still yet, but maybe someday. I made a simple design based on the scrap wood I had from other projects. There are two rectangles for the seat and back with pocket hole joints. I used the…