Category: Appalachian Trail

  • Water on the Appalachian Trail

    I put together a few clips I took while hiking the Appalachian Trail from GA-MA in 2012. Most of these clips were from the TN/NC sections, but I think the last was in MA.

  • Grayson Highlands Ponies

    The Grayson Highlands of Virginia are known for having many wild ponies running about the park. It was a great place in spite of the steady rain I got the entire time.

  • Max Patch Panorama

    I put together a pretty cool panorama from Max Patch on the AT in North Carolina. Its several photo stitched together that I took when hiking out after camping on the top. I thought it turned out nicely.

  • New York

    New York was unexpectedly tough. I later found out many people call it “Little New Hampshire.” The profile wasn’t all that different from New Jersey, but it was ridiculous. Lots of small 10-20ft climbs, straight up rock faces. It changed instantly upon crossing the border. It was nice to eventually start getting in to the…

  • New Jersey

    Finally getting around to a bit of an update again. New Jersey was one of my favorite parts of the trail I think. It wasn’t too tough, the towns were pretty frequent, and it passed by quickly. I left Delaware Water Gap, PA with Darrio, Irish, and Wicked at about 9pm after waiting for the…