Christmas Presents

I made several Christmas Presents this year. It was fun and I think they will be enjoyed.

Hopping Kangaroo

I made a kangaroo for Palmer. It will hop down a ramp if the angle is just right.

Wooden Dump Truck

Simon wanted a dump truck and excavator from Santa. We bought him a pair of these, but I also made him a wooden excavator. This one is about 11 inches long. Simon picked out the colors without knowing it. I asked him what color a dump truck is and he told me, “blue and yellow aaaaand green”.

Wooden Wheel for Dump Truck

Our dog chewed up one of the wheels on Simon’s little dump truck that he really liked. Instead of throwing it away, I made a replacement out of wood using my hole saw and a dowel.

The new wheel is a little thicker than the original but it still spins roundy round. He was excited and played with it immediately.

Wooden Dinosaur

I made a little wooden dinosaur on my band saw. I googled for a stegosaurus outline, and printed out one of the first results, then glued that to a board to use for my cutting line. I sanded it some, softened the edges with a dremel and finished with mineral oil.

Mini Trebuchet

I built a mini trebuchet out of some scrap wood from around the garage. It works, but I need to tune the string length and the weight to get it to throw better.

I cut the wheels out with a hole saw on my drill press. The pieces are all connected together with dowels.

Giraffe Pull Toy

Simon’s Giraffe Toy

I made Simon a giraffe pull toy on wheels for him to play with. The main part is all spray painted plywood. I cut it out using a jig saw and just followed a simple line drawing I made on the piece of wood.

I masked the whole thing off with masking tape and cut out some shapes to paint for the spots.

The wheels were 3d printed and press fit on to a dowel. The dowel can spin where it crosses through the legs, but it is still a little tight and doesn’t roll that great yet.