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  • Balmorhea Fish

    The water at Balmorhea State Park is exceptionally clear and there are tons of fish swimming. When I stood still for a few seconds I would get surrounded by hundreds of small fish.  

  • Big Bend Rainbow

    Big Bend Rainbow

    We were lucky and caught a rainbow by the highway outside of Lajitas. This scenic highway runs through the southern portion of Big Bend Ranch State Park and is close to the Rio Grande.    

  • Steep Dirt Hill

    Next to the part of the RV park we stayed at in Lajitas, TX were a couple of big hills on the way to the tenting area. This one was pretty steep and very narrow at the top. It seemed to be made up of only dried mud, so I guess it will wash away…

  • Balmorhea Hills

    Balmorhea Hills

    Some large hills as seen from the campsites at Balmorhea State Park in West Texas.

  • Rain on the Rio Grande

    Rain on the Rio Grande

    While staying at the RV Park in Lajitas, TX we drove down the scenic Highway 170 a couple times. After seeing several horses on the Mexican side of the border, we crested one of the larger mountain passes on the road and started down to this view on the shoulder. Mexico is to the left.…