Tag: programming

  • Processing Rectangles

    Instead of Love2d and Lua, I wanted to try Processing and play around using Java to generate stuff. It’s pretty neat and has some overlap in basic functionality, but is missing the more game-centric out of the box features, like better touch support, physics, particles, and gamepad, but it does have easier to use camera […]

  • Generative Circles

    I played around some more and made a little program to generate circles which do not overlap. This is a little different than the one that just generates totally random circles. I should combine several of these in to one app instead.

  • Spacey shooty game

    I think a space shoot em up game using the touchscreen with 2+ fingers might be fun and different than most normal twin stick shooter. I’ve worked up a super WIP game using love2d where you use one finger to move the ship, and a second to move the target around. As long as both […]

  • Random Walk

    I was playing with love2d some more and made a simple random walk implementation. It starts with a random spot in a grid, and moves a single square in a random direction for many iterations. This type of algorithm can be used to generate caves and other things for games where continuity is needed. Github […]

  • Love2d Air Hockey Game

    I’ve been playing around some more with the Love2d game framework and made a little 2 player vs air hockey game using the touchscreen. It was neat to experiment with the physics engine using some simple shapes. It was pretty easy to jump in to using, but creating more complex shapes seems difficult. I haven’t […]