Small Kids Chair

I built Simon a small chair for him to have on the patio next to ours. He won’t sit still yet, but maybe someday.

Simon’s New Chair

I made a simple design based on the scrap wood I had from other projects.

There are two rectangles for the seat and back with pocket hole joints. I used the little oval fillers to help hide them. The sides were similar, but with some overhang to make the feet stick out.

Chair parts

I just guessed at measurements that seemed reasonable and in good proportion based on the sizes of scrap wood available. It’s about 11 in tall and 7in wide.

Seat Slats

The slats were made from the edges I had ripped off of some 2×4 when squaring them for another project. They were thick enough to hold a little kid.

I drilled holes and hammered in dowels to attach the seat and back to the sides. There wasn’t enough room for pocket holes.

Chair bottom

I sanded it all down before the assembly and then again afterwards. I finished with spray paint and clear coat.

Finished Chair