Les Lius Guitar Pedal Build

Les Lius
Les Lius

I just finished another pedal tonight. The site calls it the Les Lius. I put the board together almost a week ago, but I finally drilled and painted it last night, and assembled it tonight.

This one is a tighter fit than the others, but I managed to get everything in, even the battery. I could use shorter wires, but it’s hard to tell how long they need to be when hooking them up and soldering the connections outside the box.

I didn’t get the holes just right on the template I made, so you can see there’s an extra hole just above the switch in the middle. I couldn’t fit the switch in because of how much the PCB hung down, so I had to carefully drill another just below it. Even with this, the battery still fit. I went back and adjusted the hole location in the template, so hopefully next time it will be better. I think I could cover it up by using a larger washer.

The template is up for download here. This time I based the hole locations on the suggested assembled image on the kit website, because there is more stuff so the spacing is even more important.

This pedal is supposed to simulate the sound of vintage Fender amps. I can’t tell how good it is at that though. The left foot switch doesn’t seem to do too much, I think it runs the signal through some diodes that are selected with the switch in the middle. This part isn’t boosted, so the effect isn’t as dramatic. The footswitch on the right turns on the boost, and it is certainly noticeable.