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  • baxboard – Midi Controller

    baxboard – Midi Controller

    I put together a Midi Controller over the last few days using the 4 Trellis button pads I ordered from Adafruit. I decided to add 4 knobs, four buttons, an lcd, a joystick, midi, and power led to the four pads and went to work making a panel that I could laser cut at the Dallas […]

  • SynthTest3 – Midi Out from Arduino to Synthesizer

    This is a test running the Midi out example code that is included with the Arduino IDE. It can be found under File – Examples – 04. Communication – MIDI. Details on how to connect the Midi connector are here. I like the versatility of having separate components, the Midi producing Arduino, the Midi synth, […]

  • Arduino Synthesizer

    The first video is a test of the Arduino Nano based Synthesizer I built. It takes MIDI input and generates an audio signal that can go to an amp. I used the schematic referenced here to build the Midi input circuit. The audio out uses just a couple capacitors and a resistor and is detailed […]

  • Les Lius Guitar Pedal Build

    I just finished another pedal tonight. The site calls it the Les Lius. I put the board together almost a week ago, but I finally drilled and painted it last night, and assembled it tonight. This one is a tighter fit than the others, but I managed to get everything in, even the battery. I […]

  • Eternity Tube Screamer Clone Build

    When I ordered the parts for the amp from Tayda, I also ordered some extra stuff. If I have to wait a couple weeks for delivery, I try and make a bigger order, so I ordered parts to make a couple guitar pedals too. The kits aren’t really kits, its more just pcb and parts […]