Eternity Tube Screamer Clone Build

Blue Eternity Pedal
Blue Eternity Pedal

When I ordered the parts for the amp from Tayda, I also ordered some extra stuff. If I have to wait a couple weeks for delivery, I try and make a bigger order, so I ordered parts to make a couple guitar pedals too.

The kits aren’t really kits, its more just pcb and parts list with links to the items. This makes it easy to just get what you want or change it up.

I ordered parts to make the Eternity guitar pedal, and I think it turned out pretty good. It looks like a tube screamer clone and is based on a NJM4558 op amp.

Eternity Circuit
Eternity Circuit

I did a better job putting the board together than the amp, with no real issues. However, I did find that after drilling the enclosure I found I could not fit the 9v battery in the case. I did not leave enough room between the footswitch and 1/4 jacks for the battery to fit. I drilled the holes for the jacks a little off thinking that they would be too close together once the plugs were in, but they would have been fine.

It sounds pretty neat. It adds a nice overdrive, but it is a little too much for the small amp I built. It can easily overpower the 1/2 watt amp, unless either the amp or the pedal is turned down. It does work pretty well with my Fender Mustang amp.

I also had to wire the dc adapter plug differently here too. I used center + because of the adapter I have, but the directions called for center -. I ordered some center – adapters off Ebay recently and hope to get them in the next few weeks. This should make building the next one a litter easier, but I will need to be careful not to get them mixed up.

Parts Fitting
Parts Fitting

I created a drilling template for this pedal like I did for the amp. It helped with the knob placement on the top, but next time I will add markers for the approximate location to drill the jacks and plug too. It can be downloaded here if anyone is interested.

After I drilled out the enclosure, I spay painted the pedal blue and then added some clear coat. It turned out nice and bright at first, but it wasn’t quite dry when I brought it in, I guess it was only dry to the touch. After I set it down on some newspaper to fit the parts in, it got a little stuck to the paper and some of the paint or the paper came off. I don’t mind, I think it looks pretty neat and a little aged.

The blue LED in it is pretty bright too.