Still in Virginia…

Apple Orchard Falls

Still in Virginia. VA has about 550 miles of the AT, over 25%. I think I will be in Harper’s Ferry, the “psychological halfway point” the first week or so of July. Leaving Daleville was tough, I wanted a longer break, but did not want to stay in the hotel. I got a new sleeping bag, because mine was now falling apart, and too warm for the summer. I bought a La Fuma 55 degree synthetic sleeping bag. It packs super small and weighs 1lb 7 oz. I hope it’ll last and be warm enough for the north too.

No Hangliding in the Woods

I left town with 5 days of food intending to resupply again in Buena Vista. 5 days is heavy even with smarter food choices. It was a 6 mile hike up out of town, in some very hot weather. I don’t like the heat and humidity at all. It is not as bad as Texas, but I am hiking in it all day and not just walking to the car.

The Guilotine

I soon found out that the AT parallels the Blue Ridge Parkway for about 20 or so miles. The BRP is much more scenic and way easier walking than the trail that is full of pointless ups and downs. I opted to walk with BRP with another hiker, Coyote. It was great. We got a couple rides, but only probably 5 of the 15miles, and got a nice lunch at the Peaks of Otter restaurant.

FAA Tower

That night I camped right at the bottom of Apple Orchard Falls, supposedly a 200ft waterfall that was more like 50feet. I set my tent up on the viewing platform at the bottom and had probably the sleep I’ve gotten yet on the trail. It was a long walk down that shouldn’t have been. We were misled into walking a road down about 4miles and up a half mile to the falls, when there is a trail that is only 1.1 mi long. Oh well.

Had a tough climb up in the morning, 1000ft up 1 mile to the trail and another 1000 ft mile up to top afterwards. Ended up going in to Glasgow, VA for 2 zeros at the nice shelter the town built. Right across from the store and it even has a hot shower. Worth the trip.