New Dog

We adopted a new dog from the Plano Animal Shelter on Saturday. His name is Garfunkel. He is an Irish Setter and about 18 months they thought.

Bathroom Shelf

I designed and 3d printed a simple bracket to use with building a shelf in the bathroom. The shelf is under the mirror and above the sink and will be use for holding small items like my glasses. You can download the stl on thingiverse.

Bathroom Shelf
Bathroom Shelf

A screwdriver can fit inside to easily tighten the screws.

screwdriver inside shelf bracket
A screwdriver fits inside

The board is poplar which I chamfered and painted to match the walls.

3d print design

Processing Rectangles

Instead of Love2d and Lua, I wanted to try Processing and play around using Java to generate stuff.

It’s pretty neat and has some overlap in basic functionality, but is missing the more game-centric out of the box features, like better touch support, physics, particles, and gamepad, but it does have easier to use camera apis, access to more Java libraries and some cool audio processing capabilities.

I recreated the circle drawing routine in processing and added some code to generate rectangles too.