3/15/12 – Day 7 – Cheese Factory – 7.0mi/56.6tot

Another miserable day. Hot and tormented by biting gnats only interrupted by short downpours of rain, that only made it more humid. I stopped 2mi short of Tray Mountain shelter and pitched my tent in the middle of a thunder storm with lots of heavy rain and hail. I got in with hopes of sleeping through until dawn, but the sun had other ideas. It came back out around 4 just to make me suffer more for trying to avoid the storm. I already have everything set up, so I am not going anywhere.

My clothes all got soaked, but it is supposed to rain tonight so I’m not going to bother with a clothes line. I am the only one at the site so it should be my first night totally alone.

Matt and Joe caught up to me having hiked a long day. They were off to Tray Mountain from Low Gap. I expect it to be very crowded tonight with people from Blue Mountain and Low Gap both heading there.

I have a headache, I think it is from not eating and drinking enough. I hope it goes away overnight. I am getting tired of all this heat and these bugs. I can handle the tough hikes, but the rest turns me off. I can’t wait until Hiawassee. Hopefully a little time there will turn things around.

I finally picked up a trail name this morning thanks to Unicoi Zoom (Nora). I am now called Easy Does It due to my easy going attitude about hiking and lack of plans. I don’t bother with an itinerary or schedule at all.

No matter how sick of it I get, I do want to give the AT a good try. I definitely want to make it out of Georgia. NC is mile 78 or so, and try to stick it out a couple more weeks before I make any decisions.