3/13/12 – Day 5 – Low Gap Shelter – 11.5mi/43.2tot

Did not take a zero day as I had thought. The cabins were great, but I chose to push on. I had thought I’d stay with Jason and Shiann, but they were leaving the cabins to stay at the hostel. I bought five days worth of food at Mountain Crossings Outfitter in Neel’s Gap to get me through to Hiawassee.

It was 12:30 by the time I finally left and I knew it would be a long hike. I’d have to push it. I found someone’s laminated copy of the section and thought to bring it on, but never found the owner.

I did not expect the hike to be as long and hard as it was. The profile did not do the terrain justice. Every ridge I crossed thinking it was the last. Oh well, I made good time and got in about 7 feeling exhausted. There is a nice creek I think I will use for laundry tomorrow, before I head to Blue Mountain shelter. It is about 7mi and looks semi flat finally.

Shelter is full, got the tent up near a family going south from Unicoi Gap to Neel’s.