3/11/12 – Day 3 – Lance Creek 8.5mi/24.3 tot


Long day. Got to camp about 6. Apparently I have no clue what time it is here at all. DST kicked in last night and we are apparently in Eastern Time, oops. I had been using my camera as a clock on occasion and thought I got to Woody Gap about 12:30 for lunch. Good time I thought. Wrong it was 2:30 and I still had 3 mi to go. The couple from Mass, Jason and Shiann, and Candice from DC caught up and we hung out and ate. They were going to wait for the Hiker Hostel shuttle at 5. I passed and pushed on. Tomorrow will be a hard 7.4 mi day up Blood Mountain and then down in to Neel’s Gap. Finally I will get a shower and food at the hostel. I smell.

Finally got my first blisters today, on the inside of each heel. It is due to walking on the side of my foot because the trails on the ridges are all sloping sideways.

Back at Hawk Mountain, a cool old guy Captain Guts, found an army shovel some fool brought along. It had to weigh at least 5lbs.

I hear it might rain tonight and tomorrow. I really hope it doesn’t. The last couple of nights were in the low 30s, and I have been very cold in the shelters, even with my warm clothes on. I might get a warmer bag before the Smokies.

I put up my tent for the first time this trip tonight. The shelters have been fun so far, nice people and no mice yet. Saw my first bit of wildlife finally; just a chipmunk running away to hide.