Raised Garden Bed

Amanda and I built a simple box for a raised garden bed. Its about 8x4ft and 12in tall. It held a lot of dirt. We bought 1 yard from the local city compost place and it took almost all of the dirt to fill it.

Raised Garden Bed

We used this guys design from his youtube video. It’s really just a big box with some 2×4 rails on top.

The little plants need to grow a little more before being moved.


Carving a Spoon Bowl

I was wanting a small bowl to put my spoon on for when I make coffee in the mornings. I had a scrap oak board and used the angle grinder with a sand flap disk to carve out a long shallow bowl. I finished it with tung oil and it is working well.

A different type of wood or with a closed grain would work better I think, but since this doesn’t see much use it will do.

Wooden Spoon Bowl

The angle grinder took out most of the material, I used a belt grinder to smooth the flats, and then hand sanded with 220 grit sandpaper.

Wooden Toy Car

I made Simon a little wooden toy car, it’s kind of like one of the pinewood derby cars. I cut it out from scrap 2×4 and 3d printed the wheels.

I tried using nails first, but I couldn’t find any with a good fit. Simon was getting too impatient at the store, so I bought a multi-box, but didn’t have any luck with what was in it. I ended up using some small screws instead.

Toy Car
Before paint

Potting Bench

Large Potting Bench

For Valentine’s Day, I built Amanda a Potting Bench for her to use in the yard. It is basically just a big shelf but with one at a good height for working with plants. I am waiting for some peg board to arrive to add to the back so she can organize her tools too.

The bench is about 5ft long and 2ft deep. It was a pain to paint.