Tag: java

  • Processing Rectangles

    Instead of Love2d and Lua, I wanted to try Processing and play around using Java to generate stuff. It’s pretty neat and has some overlap in basic functionality, but is missing the more game-centric out of the box features, like better touch support, physics, particles, and gamepad, but it does have easier to use camera…

  • JAMS Auto-Stepping Record Mode Feature

    This is a new demo video of the auto stepping record mode in JAMS, the midi sequencer program I’m writing.

  • JAMS – Java Awesome Midi Sequencer

      This is a demo video of a new Java App I have been working on, I call it JAMS or Java Awesome Midi Sequencer. It is a hardware centric Midi Sequencer written in Java and intended for a Raspberry Pi. However, being written in Java means it can run in a lot of places…