Patio Bar

Amanda and I build a small bar for our patio. I made a simple design spanning two of the posts around our patio.

Completed patio bar
Completed Patio Bar

The design was mocked up in Fusion360 in order to help figure out some of the cut angles and to help decide on the right size. This helped me think it through, but it was a pain to convert from the 3d model to the cuts I would need and to figure out the right amount of wood to purchase.

Patio bar design
Fusion360 Design
Patio bar underside

The sides are pine 2×4 painted with white exterior paint and the top is cedar boards, with an exterior cedar stain and chamfered edges.

Patio bar technical drawing
Patio Bar Design

Vanity Lights

Vanity light
Amanda’s Vanity Light

I made Amanda some vanity lights for her makeup area in the bedroom. The bathrooms are too small for her to put a chair in, so she made her own area, but it did not have enough light. I built a wall panel to mount lights and a mirror on.

Compost Bin

Amanda wanted a compost bin so I built one. It is a simple frame of cedar with hardware cloth fixed to it and just nail gunned together. There is a door on one side for easy access. I don’t expect it to last forever, so it is replaceable instead. We filled it with leaves before I even finished building it.

Compost Bin
Compost Bin with a door