Driving to Austin

This week has been pretty busy. I had to move out of my apartment and drag all my junk back to Dallas. Most of it I was able to just throw out. I tried to give away most of my furniture, but even though people would want it, they never came to get it. Someone did get off with a couple dumpster surprises though, since most of it was picked up fairly quickly.

Big Jar of Change

I had to run several errands around town before I could finally leave. The best was going to the bank, which is probably the first and last time that will ever be said. I had been saving all my change for the last few years in a large 5 gallon Ozarka water jug. I thought it might be a good time to finally go and cash it all in. The jug was only half full, but was getting heavy and I did not want to have to move it again.




At the bank, a couple of the customer service guy were watching and said they hadn’t seen a jar like this for awhile and were trying to guess the amount, 680 or 750. One had to stand by with a key to keep restarting the machine, since it has problems with large amounts of change. It still went pretty fast. In the end, it came out to about 700 bucks. I left the jug with the guy who seemed interested in doing something similar.




The night I went out with Steve and his family to the Atami Steakhouse. I had never been before, because I am not a fan of Asian food. It’s all kinda gross and noodly. I went and tried it anyway, as he said it’s mostly steak and stuff. It turned out to be pretty good. They cook it all on a grill right in front of ya with lots of fire and throwing things around. Definitely a good place, and a good time.