Small Workbench

I built another small workbench for the garage. This one holds my band saw, belt sander, and drill press. I used a similar design to my big one, but this one is lower and only 4ft wide. I also made the supports for the top surround all the edges instead of going with an overhang.

Wood is also much pricier now than when I built the previous bench, so it probably cost more for half the bench.

Wooden Yoyo

Wooden yoyo

I used the wooden centers from the baby rattles to make a yoyo. I rounded over the edges with a router, using a 1/4″ roundover partially set for the inside and a 1/2″ roundover for the outsides.

The two sides were chucked in to my drill press using a bolt. This let me sand them smooth quickly and afterwards I hand sanded with 220 grit.

The halves are joined with an oak dowel which was trimmed with a flush cut saw. I used some spare kitchen twine instead of a real yoyo string, but it works well.

The yoyo works but does not sleep long. I think using some silicon lubricant or adding a sleeve over the dowel will help. I will glue the halves on the dowel once I’m happy with the performance.

Mini Trebuchet

I built a mini trebuchet out of some scrap wood from around the garage. It works, but I need to tune the string length and the weight to get it to throw better.

I cut the wheels out with a hole saw on my drill press. The pieces are all connected together with dowels.

Wooden Baby Rattles

Baby Rattles

I made two simple wooden baby rattles out of oak.

I found the easiest way to drill the two opposing holes for the dowel was to drill straight through with a spade bit on the drill press and then make the large hole with a hole saw bit afterwards. The first one I made, I drilled each side separately and they were not perfectly aligned but it was close enough the dowel was able to flex and make it.

The beads were made from the cutoffs when sizing the board to 4×4 inches and sanded to their unique shape.

Giant Wooden Xylophone

Today I build Simon a new toy, a giant wooden xylophone. I read an instructables and thought I would make something similar with some scrap 2x4s.

giant wooden xylophone
Giant Wooden Xylophone

I started with a 10 inch piece and got up to 28 inches before running out of wood. There is a 2 inch difference between each board.

Laying out the Boards

I drilled through the boards with a long spade bit to run the rope through and tied a small knot between each one.