Dad and Pig

I went up to Bonham, TX the last couple days to visit with my dad and his wife Belinda before I leave town. It was a nice visit. I saw his animals. He has a large pig, of about 250lbs that he is planning to slaughter on Friday, and also a few turkeys. He had more turkeys and some chickens, but they have slowly been eaten by things. Most likely coyotes or maybe even owls lately.


While there we also went out and saw John, a friend of his. He lives out at a cool piece of property with lots of nice woods. He has a tree farm and a cool old cabin his dad once lived in. We wandered around the woods for a little bit and saw plenty of red oak and cedar trees. It was a pretty nice place, very different from the other farms around where all their land has been clear cut into boring fields and giant lawns.