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  • Baxter Wrecks a Ball

  • JAMS – Java Awesome Midi Sequencer

      This is a demo video of a new Java App I have been working on, I call it JAMS or Java Awesome Midi Sequencer. It is a hardware centric Midi Sequencer written in Java and intended for a Raspberry Pi. However, being written in Java means it can run in a lot of places…

  • Baxboard Demo 2

      This is a new demo video of the baxboard Midi Controller that I am working on. This video details the new functionality I have been adding. I added a menu system to set some of the various options such as channel/voice, controller ids, and starting note. In addition I have added the ability to…

  • Water on the Appalachian Trail

    I put together a few clips I took while hiking the Appalachian Trail from GA-MA in 2012. Most of these clips were from the TN/NC sections, but I think the last was in MA.

  • RFID Interlock at DMS

    Last December I joined the Dallas Makerspace. It is an awesome place where people are welcome to work on a variety of projects. The space also owns many tools that most people would not normally have access to; some of these require training. In order to enforce this, we have been working on an RFID…