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  • BluBQ and JAMS

    I started working on a new project which is a Bluetooth Barbecue Thermometer. I intend to create an Android app that can talk to a an ATMEGA based device with a bluetooth radio and some sort of temperature sensing. Right now, I have it hooked up using an Arduino Pro Mini, a serial Bluetooth adapter, and…

  • Baxboard Demo 2

      This is a new demo video of the baxboard Midi Controller that I am working on. This video details the new functionality I have been adding. I added a menu system to set some of the various options such as channel/voice, controller ids, and starting note. In addition I have added the ability to…

  • Baxboard Midicontroller Demo

    I recorded my first demo video of my Baxboard Midicontroller to demonstrate the progress I have made in programming it. The code is still incomplete but parts of it are now functional.