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  • Love2d Magic Shapes

    Simon likes to grab at my cellphone. I saw there a few baby touch games on the playstore, like Frankie’s Baby Fireworks! which he enjoys, so I thought it would be fun to make one of my own using Love2d. Github Page This game makes sounds as long as you touch the screen and shows […]

  • phpGPS on Github

    phpGPS on Github

    I have uploaded one of my recent projects phpGPS to Github in case there is any interest. It is a php/MySQL based web app for managing GPS entries and generating a Google Maps map which can easily be embedded on webpages. GPS coordinates can be added to the database by any device that can send […]

  • baxboard – Midi Controller

    baxboard – Midi Controller

    I put together a Midi Controller over the last few days using the 4 Trellis button pads I ordered from Adafruit. I decided to add 4 knobs, four buttons, an lcd, a joystick, midi, and power led to the four pads and went to work making a panel that I could laser cut at the Dallas […]