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  • Zucchini Flower in the Garden

    The garden Amanda and I built is doing well. We were able to eat some lettuce from it a few weeks ago. The zucchini is flowering and hopefully we will have some good veggies soon. The cabbage is huge, but is getting eaten up by some kind of worm or caterpillar. The tomatoes are starting […]

  • Raised Garden Bed

    Amanda and I built a simple box for a raised garden bed. Its about 8x4ft and 12in tall. It held a lot of dirt. We bought 1 yard from the local city compost place and it took almost all of the dirt to fill it. We used this guys design from his youtube video. It’s […]

  • Compost Bin

    Amanda wanted a compost bin so I built one. It is a simple frame of cedar with hardware cloth fixed to it and just nail gunned together. There is a door on one side for easy access. I don’t expect it to last forever, so it is replaceable instead. We filled it with leaves before […]