Baby Rattle Mallet for Simon

Small and large mallets
Simon’s baby mallet

Simon’s first birthday is coming up, so I thought I would make him a new toy. I made a small wooden mallet which rattles and finished it with tung oil.

The head is just some scrap 2×4 and the handle is part of an oak dowel. After squaring up the 2×4 and cutting the top off, I drilled out the inside and used a chisel to straighten the edges. I put a few rocks from the yard inside and glued the top back on.

The handle was glued in a 1″ hole drilled using a forstner bit.

Vanity Lights

Vanity light
Amanda’s Vanity Light

I made Amanda some vanity lights for her makeup area in the bedroom. The bathrooms are too small for her to put a chair in, so she made her own area, but it did not have enough light. I built a wall panel to mount lights and a mirror on.