Dallas Makerspace Openhouse

The Dallas Makerspace had an open house on Saturday. It was really fun and I had a chance to show off a couple of my projects. I took the trash guitar I built using an old speaker cone and an axe handle, the Baxboard, the Arduino Midi Sythesizer, a homemade amp, homemade tube screamer clone pedal, and a Raspberry Pi running the JAMS app which was setup with my keyboard and Baxboard.

There was also a pinball room set up with many of the pinball tables some of the member have restored. This was definitely a hit.

My DMS Openhouse Table

My DMS Open House Table

Banana Bar Crawl

P1070633Amanda and I went to the Banana Bar Crawl back in March. It was fun. I got to wear the awesome Banana costume she got me for Christmas, while she wore a gorilla costume borrowed from a coworker.

We rode the DART Rail down to Deep Ellum where we got plenty of strange looks.