My initial itinerary has me doing the approach trail and getting in to Neel’s Gap for a resupply on day five. For most it is a four day hike if the approach trail is included, but I do not want a 15 mile day up and down Blood Mountain. There are also reports of bear problems around Blood Mountain, which means bear cans are being required to camp near there. So the options are to buy an expensive bear can to use for just one night, or to skip the area by stopping short and hiking through the next day, as I intend to.

Week one to neels gap

Day one

  • Approach trail to Springer Mountain
  • 8.8mi
  • Stay at black gap shelter or springer mountain

Day two

  • hawk mountain shelter
  • 8.1mi

Day three

  • gooch mountain shelter
  • 7.7mi

Day four

  • Camp at lance creek
  • Optional trip to store in Suches GA, 2 mi off trail
  • 8.5mi

Day five

  • Neels Gap
  • Stay at hostel or hike on to Bulls Gap
  • 7.4mi

Need five days of food

  • 4 breakfast
  • 5 lunch
  • 4 dinners